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nChain’s Web3 app for ComplexCon Hong Kong was used by 30,000 people to access the event and unlock special perks and features. According to Thomas Moretti, one of the key members of the app’s development team, its biggest achievement was that nobody knew it was built on blockchain.

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Moretti is the head of product development at the London-based firm and was part of its team at ComplexCon Hong Kong. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage, he discussed how the team developed the app and why it was such a hit in Hong Kong.

Moretti and his team were most interested in delivering an app that would cater to all the attendees’ needs. ComplexCon Hong Kong attracts a young and tech-savvy audience, and the app had to be refreshing for them to consider using it.

While blockchain apps have been around for years, the ComplexCon Hong Kong app stood out in that its focus was on delivering utility. For instance, users could generate digital collectibles from their tickets, which they could use to access the event and unlock special perks.

“For people that look at the app, they may not know right away that there’s blockchain behind it. I think that’s part of the success… it’s simple to use. You don’t have to understand anything about NFTs,” he told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran.

The app’s ease of use came at a cost for Moretti and his team, he said.

“The more you want it to be easy for the user, the more you have to do behind the scenes,” he shared.

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As CIO Christine Leong revealed, the nChain team intends to build on the app’s success in future events. Moretti added that the lessons learned at ComplexCon Hong Kong will inform future development and expansion of the app’s features.

The development path will also be shaped by the types of events—ComplexCon Hong Kong was fun-themed, allowing the nChain team to experiment not only with their app’s features but also with future business events that might offer less latitude.

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