Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL), an emerging project at the intersection between the two hottest narratives of this crypto сycle – meme coins and the TON ecosystem – welcomes all cryptocurrency enthusiasts to take part in its sale.

With a fully renounced initial token contract ownership, a fancy memetic narrative and a community-centric approach, Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) might soon be in the spotlight for the TON audience.

Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) leverages the first-mover advantage as the segment of meme coins on TON looks less saturated than that of Solana (SOL), and even Base (BASE) or Polygon (MATIC).

Meme coins (meme cryptocurrencies, meme cryptos) are digital assets inspired by internet memes, jokes or popular culture, often created as a parody or for fun. Typically, such cryptos do not address serious economic or technology challenges.

Dogecoin (DOGE), a Litecoin (LTC) spin-off from 2013, is known as the first meme coin ever. It started as a joke based on the once-popular “Doge” meme, featuring a Shiba Inu dog, Kabosu. Meme coins typically have large supplies and low prices, attracting investors looking for quick profits. They rely heavily on community enthusiasm, social media hype and celebrity endorsements to drive their value. Meme coins gained popularity in 2020 thanks to “TikTok pumps,” coordinated buying and selling campaigns by amateur investors.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) and its numerous copycats should be considered symbols of the meme coin mania that introduced crypto to millions of people in 2021-2024.

The TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain is a decentralized platform developed by the team behind Telegram, a popular messaging app. Nikolai Durov, former CEO of Telegram, is a key figurehead of the early TON blockchain.

Thanks to its technically advanced infrastructure, TON works faster than traditional L1s and L2s. Its deep integration with Telegram, the world’s most popular messenger, is the killing feature of TON and its dApps.

Starting from 2023, the TON ecosystem has been growing exponentially. In April 2024, the world’s largest stablecoin, U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) unveiled its version on TON.

TON is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2024. It has attracted a lot of attention and onboarded hundreds of decentralized applications thanks to a combination of factors.

Also, TON is known as a developer-friendly and gas-efficient blockchain for mainstream dApps of various types.

Launched in late Q2, 2024, Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) is attempting to merge the best practices in the segment of meme coins. It is focused on a fun ethos and fair inclusive tokenomics for the mutual benefit of various classes of its ecosystem participants.

Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) is a meme cryptocurrency on The Open Network (TON), a mainstream L1 blockchain. SIMPL is inspired by the charisma of SpongeBob and Patrick, characters on Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Square Pants TV series.

The team of Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) explains the idea behind the token’s main narrative as follows:

Simple-Ton is a magazine that appears in the episode “You Don’t Know Sponge.” It has a ton of simple things to do, hence the title. It contains a “How well do you know your best friend?” quiz. The quiz also has questions like “Is your friend left or right handed?” and “What is your friend’s favorite color?” SpongeBob and Patrick read Simple-Ton to answer questions about each other to see how close they are as best friends. After Patrick gets none of the answers right, SpongeBob is still Patrick’s best friend.

The token was created using Jetton, a smart contracts framework for digital assets on the TON blockchain. Technically, Jettons are tokens issued on top of TON – not unlike popular ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum (ETH) and EVM blockchains.

The token’s supply is capped at 100 million and cannot be altered in the future. SIMPL initial contract’s ownership was revoked, and its major liquidity shares were destroyed forever to make the asset scarcer and more manipulation-resistant.

Technically, the SIMPL smart contract (EQBCyYiqkTjAt5GBnVXguXLQpgl0ae1wxJXYZ6AibRLyZdem) was created on June 17, 2024. It means that the corresponding Jetton was deployed to the TON blockchain’s mainnet and became transferable and visible for explorers.

Per the documentation portal of Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL), its total supply is capped at 100 million tokens forever. This fixed supply ensures scarcity and helps in maintaining the value of the token over time.

Out of this allocation, 2,000,000 SIMPL are reserved for the development team (two pseudonymous developers, Bob and Pat) to ensure continuous improvement and innovation. This allocation supports ongoing development, maintenance and future upgrades of the platform. The rest of the tokens are sent to an independent liquidity pool to ensure that orderbooks on DEXes are protected from enormous volatility and manipulations.

The Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) product is heavily focused on the emerging meme coin community built around the TON blockchain. It has already managed to build a solid presence on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, which is the core messenger for the TON ecosystem.

Representatives of Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) invite its supporters to join captivating community events and campaigns that are fun and allow the self-expression of Web3 enthusiasts.

The token looks like a potentially dangerous competitor to Resistance Dog (REDO), another popular meme coin on TON blockchain that pays homage to Telegram’s Digital Resistance campaign in 2018.

Despite being in its infancy, Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) is already tracked by major analytics instruments in Web3. For instance, SIMPL is listed on CoinMarketCap and automatically browsed by DexTools and DEXScreener, two global on-chain analytics machines.

Also, SIMPL can already be purchased on-chain, with no need to send funds to a centralized wallet., an AMM-powered decentralized exchange on the TON blockchain, has listed SIMPL in a pair with corresponding liquidity pool coins.

The team of Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) released a two-phase roadmap to reveal its ambitions to the community. During the first phase, SIMPL contributors will be focused on tech development, DEX listings and community management. The second phase prioritizes influencer marketing, CEX listing and growing the audience organically.

Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) is the newest meme coin on the TON blockchain and one of the first assets of this type on TON. Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) was released with a 100 million token fixed supply, its contract ownership revoked, while the lion’s share of the supply has been burned.

Simple Ton Coin (SIMPL) will benefit from its first-mover advantage and has already established a solid presence on social media.

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